Welcome to the Employer Elder Care Toolkit: Focus on Therapeutic Nutrition


The following toolkit is designed to give employers helpful information to support mature employees and those providing care for sick or elderly loved ones.  This toolkit includes nutrition information and resources for employers to enhance employee care giving outcomes and speed the return to work and good health for employees and their loved ones.

About This Toolkit

Healthy aging and recovery from illness requires a community-wide effort. That is why this toolkit provides resources to help employers, community leaders and health professionals be effective advocates for caregivers, care recipients, and mature workers in their communities.

This online toolkit has been developed in consultation with a select group of corporate partners and healthcare professionals. Families and Work Institute would like to acknowledge their critical insight and their valuable input:

  • Nancy S Wellman, PhD, RD, FADA
  • Corporate Voices for Working Families
  • National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services (NANASP)
  • Working Mother Media

This caregiver toolkit for employers was produced in partnership and made possible with the generous support of Abbott.